Tips in Using Himalayan Salt Lamps

Lamp Nice

Himalayan Salt Lamps can last forever with proper usage, here are the best practices based from years of experience:

1. Make sure the lamp is the right size for your room– when choosing the size of the Himalayan Salt Lamps, . Smaller rooms (20 Sq meter or smaller) less then 5 kg lamps are sufficient. Bigger rooms (20 sq meters- 30 square meters) 5kg-8 kg lamps are suitable. For bigger than 30 sq meters, multiple lamps can be used.

2. Use the lamps regularly- the Himalayan salt lamps need the warmth of the light, if you’re going to go on vacation, it’s best to put in plastic and keep it. Leaving it exposed will make it moisten.

Added: During rainy seasons, the lamp will moist more so it’s best to use them more often. (the bulbs are usually low wattage bulbs so it’s not consume a lot of electricity)

3. Place the lamps on a good location- Himalayan salt lamps are great night lamps, use it beside your bed BUT make sure the it’s the air-condition unit is not blowing air directly into the lamp.  The lamp needs heat and this will negate the heat produce by the bulb, again this will make the lamp moist.

4. Make sure the lamp is turned off when adjusting its location . This affects the longevity of the bulb inside the bulb.

5.  Don’t use LED bulbs– lamps need heat and LED bulbs don’t generate much heat. For the lamps to be effective,they need bulbs that generate heat- incandescent bulbs is advised (wattage can be a variant depending on its size).

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